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The art and science of sewing..

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Cutting Department

  1. Automatic spreading machine.
  2. Band Knife.
  3. Quality control stations.

Embroidery Department

  1. Three embroidery machines (Barudan).
  2. Machines with 48 heads, from 9 to 12 colors.
  3. Special computerized design system (Wings 2000 & Wilcom).
  4. Laser cut machine.
  5. Quality control stations.

Sewing Department

  1. Sixty modern sewing machines with different types.
  2. Quality control stations.


  1. Using AQL system (1.5 & 2.5).
  2. Foreign Market:
    1. Export to USA "Children's Apparel", Turkey and Arabian Countries.
    2. Work for LC WAIKIKI, Alternative.
  3. Domestic Market:
    1. Katakit, POP Kids& Sarah Kids.
    2. Own Brand Name Bubbly

Welcome to Garmentex

  1. Our Mission is to supply garments for both export and domestic markets.
  2. Our Vision is to measure the growth by the custom satisfaction.
  3. Our Commitment is to improve the efficiency, the productivity reaching to the highest level of the quality services.

We produce knitwear and knitted fabrics such as single jersey, viscose ,rib, pique, fleece, and velour.
We offer Summer and Winter collections for women, men and children.


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