Garmentex Policy:

  • Our Mission is to supply garments for both export and domestic markets.
  • Our Vision is to measure the growth by the custom satisfaction.
  • Our Commitment is to improve the efficiency, the productivity reaching to the highest level of the quality services.
  1. Automatic spreading machine.
  2. Band Knife.
  3. Quality control stations.
  • Three embroidery machines (Barudan).
  • Machines with 48 heads, from 9 to 12 colors.
  • Special computerized design system (Wings 2000 & Wilcom).
  • Laser cut machine.
  • Quality control stations.
  1. Sixty modern sewing machines with different types.
  2. Quality control stations.
  1. Using AQL system (1.5 & 2.5).
  2. Foreign Market:
    1. Export to USA "Children's Apparel", Turkey and Arabian Countries.
    2. Work for LC WAIKIKI, Alternative.
  3. Domestic Market:
    1. Katakit, POP Kids & Sarah Kids.
    2. Own Brand Name: Bubbly.


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